Custom Trophy Truck

Custom Trophy Truck

The motif of the trophy truck with flag decoration is the epitome of a political statement. We want to maintain the visual power - but bring it into new contexts. We ask designers and other creative minds to make their own statement: the truck can be designed freely and without a specified subject. There is a light and a dark environment, as well as several camera perspectives to choose from. The result of every "Custom Trophy Truck" is a high resolution rendering that will be published in an Instagram gallery.

Hopefully quite soon in 2020, an exhibition in our shop gallery on Kollwitzstraße 80 is planned, which presents the artworks as a media installation and prints to a broad public. We look forward to all creations and are really excited when all the parts, or Trophy Trucks, come together 🙂 

What can be customized? The painting of the body, the flags, start number plates, light covers, as well as license plate and rim colors. How can it be designed? For all of the above, the ".png file" available for download on this page is sufficient. The corresponding individual parts are included here, so that you can get started directly in Illustrator or Photoshop. After sending the finished files, the individual renderings will be created on our workstations. So... Start your engines!!!

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project name
Custom Trophy Truck  

Art Project, 3d Visiualisation

design, modelig, texturing, rendering, simulation

Your Trophy Truck
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